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Re: [Mingw-users] Compiling gcc 5.3 from the MinGW source distribution

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On 21/12/16 18:49, David Gressett wrote:
> I have located a few round tuits for compiler work and have
> downloaded the gcc-5.3.0-3-mingw32-src.tar.xz file
> My goal is to build the compiler and understand the MinGW patches so
> that I can then move on to getting the 5.4 and 6.2 gcc  compilers to
> build.
> The last time I did this was for a 4.9 compiler.

Are you sure it was 4.9?

> It had a build structure that was designed as a wrapper around the
> original upstream gcc  release.  There was a makefile, a package.ini,
> patch files, and a README.makefile which contained brief but
> entirely adequate documentation to get it all to work.

AFAIK, the only release ever packaged like that was Earnie's 4.8.1.

> After unpacking the tar.xz file that I downloaded, I see that this
> structure is not present. I get a directory structure that looks
> very much like what I get from unpacking the upstream gcc 5.3
> distribution, with the addition of a directory that contains
> patches.

It should also contain a (Slackware-like) gcc-5.3.0-mingw32.pkgspec
file, which defines the build specification; not only should it be
significantly more comprehensible than the makefile, to which you
allude, but it can also be processed directly by mingw-pkg:

This is the delivery vehicle which I have used for all of gcc-4.8.2,
gcc-4.8.5, gcc-4.9.3, and gcc-5.3.0.

> I decided that the best thing to to do is to come here and ask how to
> build this.

I did it like this (for gcc-5.3.0):

  1. Download source and unpack to $HOME/src/gcc-5.3.0
  2. Symlink (or unpack) gmp, mpfr, and mpc into this source tree.
  3. Build it in adjacent $HOME/build/gcc-5.3.0-mingw32 tree, thus:

     $ mkdir -p $HOME/build/gcc-5.3.0-mingw32
     $ cd $HOME/build/gcc-5.3.0-mingw32
     $ mingw-pkg SRCDIR=../../src/gcc-5.3.0 patch
     $ mingw-pkg SRCDIR=../../src/gcc-5.3.0 configure
     $ mingw-pkg SRCDIR=../../src/gcc-5.3.0 compile

Actually, I didn't run the 'mingw-pkg patch' step, because I created
the patches using mercurial queues, after editing the original source.
Also, simply running 'make' suffices, instead of 'mingw-pkg compile',
(in this particular case).

> So, what's up? I'm guessing that what I'm seeing now is a work in
> progress, and that the previous build structure will at some point
> reappear, with changes as needed for the V5 compilers.

It will not.  Certainly, mingw-pkg is a work in progress; if you want
to discuss it, please use the MinGW-Dvlpr list, but AFAIAC, what you
see now is the finished package structure for gcc-5.3-0-mingw32-src.

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