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Re: [Mingw-users] help compiling

On 12/21/2016 1:47 AM, SHIFT838 wrote:
> Thank all for all the advice.  Between Eli Z. and Emanuel F. they gave me
> some good comments which steered me in the right direction.
> My issue was that GCC was not installed properly.  It did not help matters
> that I had absolutely no experience with GCC.  I found a step by step
> article to install it correctly with CygWin and I now have a working
> compiled version of the latest tcpser for windows 32bit and 64bit.  This
> source is dated 7/7/2016. 

Which now you do not have a native application.  The application is now
dependent on cygwin1.dll and if you distribute your application built
with Cygwin gcc you will need to also distribute the cygwin1.dll and
make available for distribution the source code for the cygwin1.dll.  Is
this what you want?

> Works Great.  

Until it doesn't! ;p

> Thanks guys!

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