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Re: [Mingw-users] help compiling

Thank all for all the advice.  Between Eli Z. and Emanuel F. they gave me
some good comments which steered me in the right direction.

My issue was that GCC was not installed properly.  It did not help matters
that I had absolutely no experience with GCC.  I found a step by step
article to install it correctly with CygWin and I now have a working
compiled version of the latest tcpser for windows 32bit and 64bit.  This
source is dated 7/7/2016. 

Works Great.  

Thanks guys!

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> From: "SHIFT838" <shift838@xxxxxxx>
> Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2016 17:21:35 -0600
> I:\tcpser-ms>make -f mymake.win32
> I get:
> gcc -O -Wall -DWIN32 -c -o i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.o 
> i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.c
> process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, gcc -O -Wall -DWIN32 -c -o 
> i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.o i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.c, ...) failed.
> make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
> make: *** [i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.o] Error 2
> I am lost on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated

This means Make couldn't find gcc.exe, the GCC compiler executable.
You have some basic installation problem, like maybe the directory where you
have gcc.exe is not on PATH or something like that.

I suggest to begin by making sure you can compile a simple "hello world" C
program, and only after that try building complex packages.

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