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[Mingw-users] help compiling

I have received a new version of tcpser that needs to be compiled.  This version resolves certain issues that I was having and I need to make sure it works on windows.  I have had no issue getting it compiled on the Raspberry Pi, but on windows I am at a loss.


I have installed MinGW but I am sure I have to make various edits to all the files.


I get errors for instance where it says it cannot find that path for sys/param.h


I know this is a linux path, but not sure what I need to replace for a Windows system.


Is there any reference for all the files than linux would call with the windows equivalents.


I have attached what I am trying to compile. 


When I issue the below from the i:\tcpser-ms directory

I:\tcpser-ms>make -f mymake.win32


I get:


gcc -O  -Wall -DWIN32   -c -o i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.o i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.c

process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, gcc -O -Wall -DWIN32 -c -o i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.o i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.c, ...) failed.

make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.

make: *** [i:\tcpser-ms\winsrc\bridge.o] Error 2


I am lost on this one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated


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