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[Mingw-users] configuring msys.bat for mintty


I'm a long-term user of both Cygwin and MinGW/MSYS on the same system,
and so like to be able to distinguish which environment I'm in by the
background colour of the terminal emulator.

Recently, I decided that I would like to use mintty for my MSYS work,
so I changed the shortcut to  pass --mintty to msys.bat.  This works,
but results in a MSYS terminal having the same appearance as a Cygwin
terminal, since they both read the same ~/.minttyrc.

I can fix this by editing msys.bat to have:

start %WD%mintty -c %HOME%/.minttyrc-msys /bin/bash -l

instead of:

start %WD%mintty /bin/bash -l

But I'm wondering if there's a better/cleaner way of solving the


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