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Re: [Mingw-users] Can't do partial linking with libmoldname.a?

OK, I'm not sure whether "ld -r" works with import libraries ...

Maybe partial linking with an import library means gluing .text sections 
of many objects and preserve import sections?

// import libraries is also a bunch of object files
// extract the corresponding object file from archive
zby@winxp-vbox /c/src
$ ar x /mingw/lib/libmoldname.a doois00080.o

// see what is in that object file
zby@winxp-vbox /c/src
$ objdump -t -r -d doois00080.o

doois00080.o:     file format pe-i386

[  0](sec  5)(fl 0x00)(ty   0)(scl   3) (nx 0) 0x00000000 .idata$5
[  1](sec  7)(fl 0x00)(ty   0)(scl   3) (nx 0) 0x00000000 .idata$6
[  2](sec  1)(fl 0x00)(ty   0)(scl   2) (nx 0) 0x00000000 _strdup
[  3](sec  5)(fl 0x00)(ty   0)(scl   2) (nx 0) 0x00000000 __imp__strdup
[  4](sec  0)(fl 0x00)(ty   0)(scl   2) (nx 0) 0x00000000 

// there is also .text section in the object file, and have runnable 
code in it

Disassembly of section .text:

00000000 <_strdup>:
    0:   ff 25 00 00 00 00       jmp    *0x0
                         2: dir32        .idata$5
    6:   90                      nop
    7:   90                      nop

So the issue is that the "ld -r" can't work with import libraries?

>> From: 张博洋 <zhangboyang.id@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2016 17:26:41 +0800
>> Yes, linking some .o together works:
>> 	ld -r -o big.o somecode1.o somecode2.o somecode3.o
>> 	(OK, gcc -o test.exe big.o will generate runnable executable)
>> linking .o with libgcc.a or libmingwex.a also work:
>> 	ld -r -o big.o somecode1.o somecode2.o somecode3.o /mingw/lib/libmingwex.o
>> 	(OK)
>> But, linking with libmoldname.a will result in failure at the final step.
> libmoldname is an import library, while libmingwex is not, so these
> two examples are not the same use case.
> Let me rephrase: is there any reason to assume "ld -r" works with
> MinGW import libraries?
> And what is the semantics of "partial linking" with an import library,
> anyway?

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