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[Mingw-users] Can't do partial linking with libmoldname.a?

     I'm trying to do partial linking a .o file with libmoldname.a, the 
partial linking is OK, but when I linking the generated .o to .exe, the 
linking failed. Here are my steps:
     I have a C source file, test.c, with the following code:
         #include <stdio.h>
         #include <string.h>
         int main()
                 // strdup() is in libmoldname.a
             return 0;
     Compile the C code (success):
         gcc -c -o test.o test.c
         Partial linking (success):
         ld -o big.o -r test.o /mingw/lib/libmoldname.a
     Finally, link to generate EXE file (failed):
         gcc -o test.exe big.o
     The error message is:
final link failed: File truncated

     Is this a bug? Or the libmoldname.a can't be partial linked?

Zhang Boyang
School of Computer Science, Fudan University, P.R.China

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