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Re: [Mingw-users] setenv()

Keith Marshall to Anton Shepelev:

>>As  I  can  tell, the variable buf is a local one,
>>whereas according to the putenv  man  entry,  "The
>>string  pointed  to  by string becomes part of the
>>environment, so altering the  string  changes  the
>-  From  you reference to "man entry", may I deduce
>that this relates to some  non-Windows  implementa-
>tion of putenv()?  Linux' glibc perhaps?

Yes, it is glibc.

>>Does  the Microsoft implementation copy the string
>Yes.  Given MS-DOS' organization of the environment
>as a contiguous sequence of NUL separated name=val-
>ue C strings, terminated by a single zero-length  C
>string, that would have been a practical necessity.
>Of course, there's no guarantee that  Windows'  has
>adopted   that  MS-DOS  environment  organizational
>legacy, but the printf() statements, which I  added
>to  the  sample  implementation,  confirm  that the
>pointer returned by getenv() bears no  relationship
>to  the  original  address  of the string passed to

Thanks -- that is interesing.  The result  would  be
the  same  if getenv() returned a copy of the string
as a safety measure.

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