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Re: [Mingw-users] libaddr2line.a: dependencies of libbfd.a?

On Oct 02, 2016 at 04:42 PM, Keith Marshall wrote:

> On 02/10/16 09:53, Jannick wrote:
> > So what would be great to have is libbfd.a
> Already provided, within the mingw32-binutils-dev package.
> > including its required dependencies (such as libliberty.a)
> AFAIK, there is no such entity as libliberty.a; I guess you mean
> which is currently provided as a free-standing package:
> > The workaround using a GNU binutils package newly compiled with msys
> > as proposed above (overcoming the link error to intl, too) apparently
> > provides for these requirements, but it would be great to have that in
> > the MinGW distribution. Given that MinGW does currently ship libbfd.a
> > and bfd.h, however without sufficient dependencies to link with, it
> > might be an objective of the MinGW distribution.
> Downloading, and manually unpacking, the aforementioned package would
> probably have offered a quicker solution.

Thanks - agree. However, this package comes along with the implied
dependency to libintl-8.dll which, in general, I wanted to avoid. Is there a
version of libiberty.a (I got it now I believe) out there which is
independent of the library intl? This is why I suppressed this dependency
when I compiled the full GNU binutil package.

Separately, what would be the package spec to have 'mingw-get' download and
install libiberty.a/.h from sfn to the MinGW folder? 
BTW: 'mingw-get list' breaks here exactly when prompting the beginning of
the information of 'mingw32-libatomic'. I tried to call that to check if
libiberty is in mingw-get's list, in principle. 
> I agree that MinGW.org could distribute libiberty.a rather more
> than it does at present: likely it would be sensible to include it in the
> mingw32-binutils-dev package as libbfd.a; that it doesn't appear there at
> present is an oversight, (caused by the need to specify an additional
> configuration option to get it installed in the staging tree -- it isn't
included in
> a default installation -- and compounded by confusion over which package
> actually owns it -- it is built as a duplicate component by both GCC and
> binutils).
> As to distributing a libaddr2line.a ... I've no idea how I would build
that, nor
> any clue as to what payload it should deliver.

Certainly it would be enough to have all dependency libraries of libbfd.a in
the MinGW distribution to compile a stand-alone executable without any
additional dll dependency induced by bfd's direct or indirect dependencies
(e.g., libintl-8.dll).

Sorry for the noise about all that which effectively goes back to the
libiberty.a issue. Thanks for your time and patience with me, since I am
still quite a novice to c programming and to using MinGW,

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