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Re: [Mingw-users] libaddr2line.a: dependencies of libbfd.a?

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On 02/10/16 09:53, Jannick wrote:
>> From: Eli Zaretskii [mailto:eliz@xxxxxxx]
>>> I guess it would be great to push that - if possible - thru
>>> the MinGW package in one of the next MinGW releases. But this
>>> is certainly up to the maintainers, of course.
>> To push what? addr2line is already included in the Binutils 
>> distribution, so what else is needed?
> I cannot find the library (lib)addr2line.a in my MinGW distribution
> which I intended this thread to be all about as indicated in its
> subject and in the very first posting. Of course, there is
> addr2line.exe which is a different story though. Happy to see how
> to load (lib)addr2line.a, because I could not find how to do.
>> (I'm not a MinGW maintainer.)

I am, and I'm mystified by this request.  Whence would libaddr2line.a
come?  Logically, one might expect it to be provided by binutils,
along with addr2line.exe, but it certainly does not appear in my
binutils build tree, nor can I see any configuration option to create it.

> Happy to add here again what appears to be missing in the MinGW 
> distribution: So what would be great to have is libbfd.a

Already provided, within the mingw32-binutils-dev package.

> including its required dependencies (such as libliberty.a)

AFAIK, there is no such entity as libliberty.a; I guess you mean
libiberty.a, which is currently provided as a free-standing package:

> The workaround using a GNU binutils package newly compiled with
> msys as proposed above (overcoming the link error to intl, too)
> apparently provides for these requirements, but it would be great
> to have that in the MinGW distribution. Given that MinGW does
> currently ship libbfd.a and bfd.h, however without sufficient
> dependencies to link with, it might be an objective of the MinGW
> distribution.

Downloading, and manually unpacking, the aforementioned package would
probably have offered a quicker solution.

I agree that MinGW.org could distribute libiberty.a rather more
transparently than it does at present: likely it would be sensible to
include it in the same mingw32-binutils-dev package as libbfd.a; that it
doesn't appear there at present is an oversight, (caused by the need to
specify an additional configuration option to get it installed in the
staging tree -- it isn't included in a default installation -- and
compounded by confusion over which package actually owns it -- it
is built as a duplicate component by both GCC and binutils).

As to distributing a libaddr2line.a ... I've no idea how I would build
that, nor any clue as to what payload it should deliver.

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