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Re: [Mingw-users] libaddr2line.a: dependencies of libbfd.a?

Hey Irwin,

> From: Alan W. Irwin [mailto:irwin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Saturday, October 1, 2016 6:15 PM

> > I am just lurking on this list out of general (future) interest and
> > don't have MinGW-w64/MSYS2 actually available to me yet. Neverthless,
> > out of curiosity, I checked your first undefined reference,
> > filename_ncmp with a google search (google is always your friend for
> > undefined reference issues), and that routine is apparently defined by
> > the libiberty library.  So I agree you should be using at least the
> > -liberty flag above (since -liberty should normally translate to
> > whatever the actual libiberty library name is on MinGW-w64/MSYS2). But
> > since that flag is obviously not finding the libiberty library, my
> > guess is you don't have the libiberty development library installed.

Since liberty.a is not available in the MinGW lib folder, I linked the
in the Msys folder.
> > Have you searched your MinGW-w64/MSYS2 installation for any reference
> > to the "iberty" name fragment?

Yep, I did: no result other than ' C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\lib\libiberty.a'.
> Oops. I am lurking on both the MinGW/MSYS list and the MinGW-
> w64/MSYS2 mailing lists and incorrectly assumed you were using the latter
> platform.  But since you are using the former, please translate everything
> said above as follows:
> MinGW-w64/MSYS2 ==> MinGW/MSYS.

No problem. :) But again: The funny thing here is that while bfd.a is
available in the MinGW
Lib folder, liberty.a is not, which is why I linked the version in the Msys
Supposedly this version is outdated (pls cf. my other posting to Eli's
response) and
- this is my innocent but really wild guess - liberty.a is missing as a lib
shipped with 

Many thanks,

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