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Re: [Mingw-users] putwchar not working

On 8 September 2016 at 01:42, Eli Zaretskii <eliz@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> --text follows this line--
>> Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2016 17:07:27 +0000 (UTC)
>> From: Hisham Sueyllam <sueyllam@xxxxxxxxx>
>> I tried both Suggestions [the one from Wu and this one suggested by Eli]. Nothing worked at least for Arabic,
>> including piping through perl. By redirecting the Arabic output to a file I can open it and see it correct using any
>> editor [I used emacs], but when piping through perl I get garbage or using puts or putchar or whatever. I have
>> Windows 10 64-bit and gcc 5.3.0 (the latest)
>> By the way if anyone is curious, the Arabic string is my first name:
>> #include <stdio.h>
>> int main() {
>> puts(u8"هشام\n");
>> return 0;
>> }
> Your email is encoded in UTF-8, and you use Emacs, so I strongly
> suspect the Arabic string in your source file was also encoded in
> UTF-8.  That will never work; you need to encode it in your system's
> ANSI codepage, I think.  Windows includes only a very sporadic support
> for UTF-8, and in particular cannot use it in multibyte strings.

The problem is that GCC treats the file source as UTF-8, but the puts
function can accept only an ‘ANSI’ string. The conclusion is the same
as yours: removing ‘u8’ and saving the file as the ‘ANSI’ code page
should work.

As discussed earlier, putws does not work. Otherwise, putws(L"هشام\n")
is the logical solution on Windows.

Yongwei Wu
URL: http://wyw.dcweb.cn/

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