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Re: [Mingw-users] recent upgrade broken

Le 05/09/2016 à 12:26, Keith Marshall a écrit :
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> On 05/09/16 10:11, Maurice Lombardi wrote:
>> Now trying a new update and then upgrade, all seems to work
>> correctly, instead of receiving a lot of error mesages, except for
>> the following error messages in the middle of the process
>> upgrade: libquadmath-5.3.0-2-mingw32-dll-0.tar.xz removing release
>> libquadmath-4.9.3-1-mingw32-dll-0.tar.xz installing
>> libquadmath-5.3.0-2-mingw32-dll-0.tar.xz mingw-get.exe: *** ERROR
>> *** C:\MinGW\/bin/libquadmath-0.dll: extraction failed
>> mingw-get.exe: *** ERROR *** C:\MinGW\/bin/libquadmath-0.dll:
>> probable package conflict; existing file not overwritten
> This suggests possible corruption of your mingw-get installation
> records; somehow, the ownership record for libquadmath-0.dll has
> become dissociated from the libquadmath-4.9.3-1-dll-0 package, so you
> still have the 4.9.3 version of libquadmath-0.dll installed.  This
> may, or may not be compatible with the 5.3.0 version.
> To correct this anomaly, so that you have a consistent 5.0.3
> installation, you should:
>   1) Delete c:\mingw\bin\libquadmath-0.dll
>   2) From the command prompt, run
>      mingw-get install --reinstall libquadmath-dll
>> install: libpthreadgc-2.10-mingw32-pre-20160821-1-dev.tar.xz
>> installing libpthreadgc-2.10-mingw32-pre-20160821-1-dev.tar.xz
>> mingw-get.exe: *** ERROR *** C:\MinGW\/include/sched.h:
>> mingw-get.exe: *** ERROR *** C:\MinGW\/include/pthread.h:
>> mingw-get.exe: *** ERROR *** C:\MinGW\/include/semaphore.h:
>> mingw-get.exe: *** ERROR *** C:\MinGW\/lib/libpthread.dll.a:
>> mingw-get.exe: *** ERROR *** C:\MinGW\/lib/libpthread.a: extraction
>> failed
> This is a similar, but slightly different scenario; here it appears
> that mingw-get is trying to install libpthreadgc-dev over the top of
> an old version, which it did not install, and thus knows nothing
> about.  The solution is again to delete the five conflicting files, then:
>    mingw-get install --reinstall libpthreadgc-dev

OK, it works that way.
I have been able to recompile with the new gcc a program which uses the 
OpenMP library libgomp, and thus indirectly libpthread.
The only glitch remaining is a missing libgomp.spec file.
I brought one fron an equivalent linux system to succeed.
Apparently libgomp.a and libgomp.dll.a are contained in
but libgomp.spec is missing.

Thanks anyway

        Maurice Lombardi

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