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Re: [Mingw-users] Gmail encourages top posting [WAS:: libFLAC, getopt, Mingw, Msys]

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On 12/08/16 19:33, DAVENPORT, MARC wrote:
> I never even knew what top posting was until Keith told me I was 
> doing it.  I'm not lazy.  Ignorant maybe, but not lazy.

Well, you're no longer ignorant, (at least w.r.t. top posting); I
guess you will probably also eschew top posting laziness, at least
on this list, from now on.

> You'll notice I trimmed out the quote in my post as requested.

Yes, while leaving just enough to preserve context.  Model behaviour
indeed; would that everyone might emulate it.

> As for the gmail app on my Android phone, it does the same thing.

I doubt you're running MinGW on your Android phone, so why on earth
would you want to use its gmail app to post to a MinGW mailing list?
Surely it makes more sense to use an e-mail client on the computer
on which you are running MinGW; an e-mail client which delivers sane
behaviour OOTB, and doesn't tie you into the insane strictures of any
ghastly web-mail app.  (And no, I don't think there is any such thing
as a web-mail app which is truly fit for purpose; I did use one for a
while, but I always used gvim to edit my replies).

> At least it gives you the option to remove the quote entirely or 
> inline it.

Inlining is ALWAYS the sane option.  And with respect, if your MUA
doesn't readily support that, then it is effectively DISCOURAGING any
form of meaningful e-mail dialogue.

> If you inline it you still have to backspace through pages of junk 
> including the signature the mailing list adds because there is no 
> effective way to multi-select on my phone.

And this is precisely why it is so unfit for purpose.  I am using
Thunderbird on this computer.  It isn't perfect, but it does offer me
the option to highlight just part of an incoming message, and reply
to only that, or to reply to the whole, and subsequently select,
and easily delete, entire swathes of it, before sending.

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