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Re: [Mingw-users] Gmail encourages top posting [WAS:: libFLAC, getopt, Mingw, Msys]

>>> You're welcome, but please DON'T top post.
>> Sorry about that, gmail encourages top posting.

> Gmail does no such thing.

All due respect, but yes it does. See the screenshot below.


There is a tiny button at the bottom of the reply box that is almost invisible with three dots. In the screenshot it is highlighted because I was hovering over it with my mouse cursor to show it. If you never click on it and delete what is there, then gmail silently adds the quoted text from the last reply to the bottom of your post. So in all due respect, gmail does encourage top posting. I never even knew what top posting was until Keith told me I was doing it. I'm not lazy. Ignorant maybe, but not lazy. You'll notice I trimmed out the quote in my post as requested.

As for the gmail app on my Android phone, it does the same thing. At least it gives you the option to remove the quote entirely or inline it. If you inline it you still have to backspace through pages of junk including the signature the mailing list adds because there is no effective way to multi-select on my phone.

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