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[Mingw-users] snprintf buggy in gcc 4.9.3-1

Using the conversion %02d or %2d should produce a string of (at 
least) 2 characters.
However when the number to be printed has only one digit snprintf 
produces a field width of 1
A workaround is to use _snprintf.

gcc.exe (GCC) 4.9.3-1 as obtained by mingw-get on juli 30 2016
windows-10 64-bit

Regards, Peter

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int main()
   char string[8];

//snprintf() drops the leading 0 in mingw gcc 4.9.3-1 !!
   printf("snprintf:\tstring=%s len=%d\n",string,strlen(string));

// with _snprintf() no problem
   printf("_snprintf:\tstring=%s len=%d\n",string,strlen(string));

   return 0;
Program output

snprintf:       string=3 len=1
_snprintf:      string=03 len=2

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