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Re: [Mingw-users] I can't distribute a program compiled with MSYS2 !

On 11-Jul-2016 15:06, eddie wrote:
> I think the problem is the libvlc because the program start but libvlc
> doesn't initialize.

Get "dependency walker" and have it look at your exe.  If it shows 
as missing, that is your problem.  Most often the solution is to drop 
libwhatever.dll into the same directory as the exe file.  Sometimes 
dependency walker will tell you that some other dll is needed which is 
linked indirectly (another dll uses it).

If that other DLL is another C RTL library then check that none of these 
are happening:

1.  pass a FILE * from one dll into the other and use the second one's 
fprintf() or any other standard IO function.
2.  malloc() memory in one, free() in the other.
3.  strtok() started in one, then run in the other.  (This is highly 
4.  setjmp/longjmp used by both dlls.

There are probably other functions that could cause problems.  What all 
of these have in common is that the RTL dll stores a bunch of 
information internally and returns a pointer or other reference to it.  
If the other dll tries to use this pointer or other reference it will 
find that it does not have correspond to its internal information, and 
bad things will happen.  Yes, it is a bad idea to link to more than one 
C RTL - but it can be hard to avoid it in some instances.


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