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Re: [Mingw-users] Using mingw's libpng?

On 06-Jul-2016 07:46, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> Are you saying that a FILE * pointer is being created in a DLL, and
> then being used outside of that DLL?  That is a no-no on MS-Windows
> (and also on other platforms), so that could definitely be part of the
> problem.

Apparently.  The setup.py for the application builds something called 
on Windows which I had taken to be some sort of a Python launched 
executable but now that I look carefully at the several thousand 
character long command line which builds it, "-mdll" appears, so it is 
indeed a DLL.   The code in this tells libpng where to write the file in 
the usual manner:

          FILE *fp = fopen("filename","wb");
          png_init_io(png_ptr, fp);

In this build environment that doesn't work.

> Yes, something like that.  The important thing is: the file pointers
> should be used in the same library/program as the one that creates
> them.  They cannot be passed across DLLs.

Which does make one wonder how this code ever works on any platform, or 
why libpng does not come with a


to avoid this problem.  On linux setup.py builds the expected _cmd.so, 
also a shared library, and it uses exactly the same code, and this 
section of code works without a hiccup there.


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