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Re: [Mingw-users] new thread library aimed at c++11 and later development.

Uploaded the fork of mcfgthread ported for the mingw.org api here 

I will try to keep it up to date with the main branch, untill someone 
decides to take over maintainance.

1: port objc's thread wrappers to take advantage of the new thread 
library (neither objc nor obj-c++ can be built untill then).
2: Find out if this thread library is usable on XP.

Eli has recived a newly built gcc that uses this this thread library for 
testing, lets see if it works out.
If you want to rebuild this library yourself, just execute 
./build_i386.sh in a mingw bash shell, the resulting library should be 
located in the release/mingw folder.

Atm it is not possible to link statically to mcfgthread without hacking 
the crt, but at some point i guess it will be. Since the code was 
donated to the gcc devs it might be a future replacement for using win32 
threads since it allows C++11 and later development, the work we do now 
might just help make that a possibility sooner rather than later.

Happy coding. Revelator

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