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[Mingw-users] Using mingw's libpng?

Are there some special command line switches needed to build a program 
with the libpng dll in mingw?

Using this test program:


on a Centos box:

gcc -o png-test libpng-short-example.c -lpng -lz -lm
./png-test testcase.png foo.png

and the program ran.  It dumps the data pixel by pixel and copies the 
from the first to the 2nd file.

However on Mingw with the same compile line and input data it does:

$ ./png-test testcase.png killme.png

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual 
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
libpng error: invalid after png_start_read_image or png_read_update_info
[read_png_file] Error during read_image

This was done on two Mingw systems, an old XP one with a years old 
Mingw, and a Windows 7 that was installed a month or so ago with the 
current Mingw.  Both behaved exactly the same way.  They also did the 
same thing with "-lpng16" instead of "-lpng".

This inquiry started when a much more complex program was crashing at

which led to


which in turn led to this:


Is there maybe a similar issue here?  What flags were used when libpng 
was compiled?

Inkscape builds in this environment, and its png works, but it is worth 
noting that it uses a different libpng, from its own devlibs package, 
not the one that comes with Mingw.


David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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