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Re: [Mingw-users] new thread library aimed at c++11 and later development.

On 6/25/2016 2:20 PM, ralph engels wrote:
> A new thread library named mcfgthread, which probably will be a 
> replacement for the various windows versions of pthread's we use 
> nowadays is in develoment.
> The code was donated to the FCF and might be added to the gcc sources at 
> some point. It's about 10 times faster than winpthreads and uses native 
> windows TLS functions but has not yet been tested on windows XP, so if 
> anyone here still uses it the developer would like to know if it works 
> when bootstrapping gcc.
> Sadly it does not support OS older than XP because the native TLS 
> functions are not present  in those.
> So if anyone would like to try out a gcc bootstrap on XP he would be 
> happy to hear about bugs or the lack thereof :)
> the thread library can be downloaded from github here 
> https://github.com/lhmouse/mcfgthread you also need a small patch to 
> enable support for this thread library which he can gice you.
> atm the objc library cannot be built with this thread library because 
> objc uses its own wrappers which are not yet ported to use mcfgthread, 
> any one who could help in that regard are also welcome to pitch in.

Thanks for letting us know Ralph. While XP is unsupported by the vendor;
it is still in use even by banks and hospitals.  It's a shame that we
have to abandon them as well.  I even have one computer with Win 9x
albeit not used for anything of importance.

If no one is willing to test then we cannot continue to support it
either.  Let this be a warning to you if you need to continue to support
XP that you need to help test it to have it.


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