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Re: [Mingw-users] Dll Build Issue

Earnie wrote
You don't need import libraries to link to a binary only distributed
library. You can link directly to the DLL itself.
The libraries mentioned are not DLLs, they are statics. 
Does that change your statement above? 

| Sometimes you have to specify the object more than once on the
| link commands in order to manage scenario of Object A depends on Object
| B that depends on Object A. Visual Studio tends to help with that issue
| by doing multiple passes of the objects in the statement which confuses
| the issue.

Ah, that makes sense. Appreciate the insight. 
I re-read the GNU documentation and realized 
I misinterpreted the --library section

One item I am confused about; if I do not include '--library' and substitute '-l' the 
compilation stops with ld reporting it "cannot find" the library with "-l" prepended to 
the literal path. Adding "-Wl," has no effect. Removing the explicit path and 
relying on the '-L' search paths is ignored as well.

|Other mail list etiquette issues you have:
|* your mail lines need to wrap to no more than 75 characters per line.
|* you started a new thread rather than continuing the thread you began

Apologies, the last submission was done with my Kindle and 
clearly its mail client has some issues. I thought I was responding
to the original thread.
If this message is acceptable I will continue to use this client or if not, go to T-bird

Bob Cavanaugh

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