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Re: [Mingw-users] Dll Build Issue

On 6/17/2016 4:04 AM, Robert Cavanaugh wrote:
> Keith,
> Taking your advice, I searched the archives and found a thread that claimed some libraries built under Visual Studio will not work under mingw due to differences in mangling. The respondent advised the poster to recompile the library sources under mingw 32. Could this be the issue? The libraries armulif and clx are supplied in binary form. I understand your point regarding linking order, that was my first thought, but I think I followed the dependency tree accurately.
> Your point about --library is noted, I used it as the error messages seemed to originate from ld.

You don't need import libraries to link to a binary only distributed
library.  You can link directly to the DLL itself.  Specify the DLL as
an object file following the objects that use it.  It has always been
the case that the object references come before the object definitions
while linking a library regardless of the programming language being
used.  Sometimes you have to specify the object more than once on the
link commands in order to manage scenario of Object A depends on Object
B that depends on Object A.  Visual Studio tends to help with that issue
by doing multiple passes of the objects in the statement which confuses
the issue.

GCC should be able to use a library compiled with Visual Studio as long
as the compiled object is pure C.  In other words you cannot use objects
from Visual Studio C++ code because that is where the mangling will be

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