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Re: [Mingw-users] Help with perl + pkg-config + msys2

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From: RAPPAZ Francois
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016 5:13 PM
To: MinGW Users List
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] Help with perl + pkg-config + msys2

> but the test fails with a msgbox "The procedure entry point 
> thread_setname_np could not be located in the dynamic link library 
> libwinprthread-1.dll" and in the console:
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at t/CairoPattern.t line 23. 
> t/CairoPattern.t .. Dubious, test returned 255 (wstat 65280, 0xff00)
> Failed 48/48 subtests t/CairoRegion.t ... Can't load 
> 'C:\strawberry\cpan\1466066656.5212\Cairo-1.106\b 
> lib\arch/auto/Cairo/Cairo.xs.dll' for module Cairo: load_file:The 
> specified procedure could not be found at 
> C:/strawberry/perl/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 193.  at t/CairoRegion.t line 
> 13. Compilation failed in require at t/CairoRegion.t line 13.
> Thanks for bearing with me !

Was the problem entry point really named "thread_setname_np" ?
I think that might have been an error in your transcription - and the entry 
point that's causing the problem was, in fact, "pthread_setname_np".
(IIRC it's actually quite easy to copy'n'paste the msgbox message .... 
though I've forgotten precisely how to do that right now :-)

I can find that entry point in the libwinpthread-1.dll that ships with 
mingw-w64 ports of gcc-5.3.0, but not in the libwinpthread-1.dll of the 
mingw-w64 port of gcc-4.9.2 that ships with StrawberryPerl-5.24.0 (or 
So .... it seems to me that you don't have the version of 
libwinpthread-1.dll that your Gtk+ installation expects. And that would be 
the problem.

This is now getting rather specific to Strawberry Perl - and we probably 
should move this to a different mailing list.
(Also the gcc port that Strawberry Perl uses does not even come from 
mingw.org. Instead it is provided by the "other mob" (mingw-w64) - and 
that's another reason we should move this discussion elsewhere.)

And we've hit upon an issue of which the Strawberry Perl developers should 
be made aware.

I therefore suggest posting to win32-vanilla@xxxxxxxx (which is the 
Strawberry Perl mailing list).
Subscription details to that list can be found at

or you could just send a post to that list without subscribing.

Alternatively, it would be acceptable to post to 
There's a text box at the bottom of that page where you can enter your 
question, and see responses or provide follow-ups at

You might even like to subscribe to perlmonks, though posts from anonymous 
users are also fine.

However, posting to perlmonks will not notify the Strawberry developers of 
the issue.

Wherever you post, just provide the output of 'perl -V' and a description of 
the problem (such as is provided by the above quote from your post to this 
We can always backtrack to other issues if necessary.

(I'm subscribed to both perlmonks and the Strawberry mailing list, and am 
happy to follow this up at either place.)


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