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[Mingw-users] Mingw64 & include directory?

I have installed Mingw64 on my PC.  Recently I found a problem.

I built a gui toolkit called Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK) and my build environment directories (using MSYS) was structured as:

c:/minw/include    & c:/mingw/lib

The problem started when I included the math.h file in my project   #include <math.h>

FLTK contains a math.h file which refers to usr/include/math.h which then directs my compiler to find the math.h file in the designated include directory c:/mingw/include...   But this is not what happens.

My math.h c++ header is actually located in the lib directory?? 


Because of this, the compiler cannot find the file it is being directed to via the FLTK math.h file.  

I thought the MSYS build system is supposed to emulate a linux build environment on Windows.  

I'm not sure if it is something I've done wrong,,, or,, is this problem unique to Mingw64?   How do I fix this?


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