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Re: [Mingw-users] Help with perl + pkg-config + msys2

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From: Keith Marshall
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016 1:33 AM
To: mingw-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] Help with perl + pkg-config + msys2

>> I think it probably *is* OT here.
> It is; neither strawberry perl nor msys2 is formally supported here.

I don't think the Strawberry Perl mailing list formally supports msys2 
either - but Strawberry Perl itself ships with a number of C libraries that 
were built in the msys2 shell, so I think that leaves the door a little open 
for some msys-related questions.

>> Oh ... one more thing (and it might be important) is that with
>> windows perl '-lfoo' will (I think) enable linking to libfoo.a,
>> but *not* to libfoo.dll.a.
> That statement smells fishy, because it suggests behaviour which is the 
> exact opposite of the GNU linker's default;

I guess I should have elaborated. I was a little loathe to do so because of 
its OTness.

The problem is that when ExtUtils::MakeMaker writes the Makefile for the 
compilation (during 'perl Makefile.PL' step) it will check whether libfoo.a 
is locatable, but not whether libfoo.dll.a is locatable.

If libfoo.a cannot be located then the '-lfoo' will not appear in the 
generated Makefile - and any symbols resolved by libfoo.dll.a will remain 

ExtUtils::MakeMaker *should* really also check for the presence of 
libfoo.dll.a and remove the '-lfoo' link that the user supplied iff 
libfoo.dll.a is also un-locatable .... and perhaps recent versions of 
ExtUtils::MakeMaker do that. (I don't think they do, but I haven't checked 
in a while.)


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