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[Mingw-users] Help with perl + pkg-config + msys2

Hi there

Since straweberry perl and msys2 are based on mingw, I tried to post my question here. Sorry if I'm off topic.

I'm on W7 and I'm trying to compile Gtk modules for perl (strawberry perl 5.24): I have installed the gtk2 suite using msys2 (https://msys2.github.io/) in c:/msys64 

I get a lot of error with undefined reference when compiling and I see that the pc files in C:\msys64\mingw32\lib\pkgconfig
all have prefix=/mingw32 instead of the full path C:/msys64/mingw32 

therefore the Libs and Cflags defined in these files miss the beginning of the path ?

My environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH is defined as C:\strawberry\c\lib\pkgconfig;C:\msys64\mingw32\lib\pkgconfig
I thought of copying all the files in C:/msys64/mingw32/pkgconfig2 and change the path in the pc files but there is probably a better solution (or my compilations problems stem not from here...)

I'm not an expert in these matter (as you may have noted) but I hope someone could point me in the right direction.



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