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[Mingw-users] Problem finding a -std switch for c++ that works with all modules.

Hi all,

I am trying to build PyMol in mingw.  Previously that package used gcc 
to compile and it was pretty straightforward.  Now they have converted 
to c++ and use "c++.exe" to compile.  I'm having a devil of a time 
finding a -std value that works for all the modules.  On linux they use 
std=c++0x.  However on Windows that caused some problem (which I cannot 
recall at this point) and I switched over to using std=gnu++11 which 
went much farther.  Farther, but not to the end of the build, because 
for instance:

-Iov/src -Ilayer0 -Ilayer1 -Ilayer2 -Ilayer3 -Ilayer4 -Ilayer5 
-Imodules/cealign/src -Ibuild/generated -Icontrib/uiuc/plugins/include 
-Icontrib/uiuc/plugins/molfile_plugin/src -I/c/progs/mingw/include 
-I/c/progs/mingw/include/freetype2 -I/c/progs/Python27/include 
-I/c/progs/Python27/PC -c layer0/Feedback.cpp -o 
build/temp.win32-2.7/Release/layer0/feedback.o -Wno-write-strings 
-Wno-unused-function -Wno-char-subscripts -std=gnu++11
In file included from c:\progs\mingw\include\objbase.h:73:0,
                  from c:\progs\mingw\include\ole2.h:9,
                  from c:\progs\mingw\include\windows.h:114,
                  from layer0/os_proprietary.h:76,
                  from layer0/os_gl.h:5,
                  from layer1/Ortho.h:28,
                  from layer0/Feedback.cpp:23:
c:\progs\mingw\include\objidl.h:531:37: error: macro "Alloc" requires 2 
arguments, but only 1 given
c:\progs\mingw\include\objidl.h:532:45: error: macro "Realloc" requires 
3 arguments, but only 2 given
   STDMETHOD_(void*,Realloc)(THIS_ void*,ULONG) PURE;
In file included from c:\progs\mingw\include\rpcdce.h:10:0,
                  from c:\progs\mingw\include\rpc.h:40,
                  from c:\progs\mingw\include\windows.h:82,
                  from layer0/os_proprietary.h:76,
                  from layer0/os_gl.h:5,
                  from layer1/Ortho.h:28,
                  from layer0/Feedback.cpp:23:
c:\progs\mingw\include\objidl.h:531:39: error: 'Alloc' declared as a 
'virtual' field
c:\progs\mingw\include\objidl.h:532:47: error: 'Realloc' declared as a 
'virtual' field
   STDMETHOD_(void*,Realloc)(THIS_ void*,ULONG) PURE;

but do it with a different -std:

-DDESRES_WIN32 -DIS_LE -Iov/src -Ilayer0 -Ilayer
1 -Ilayer2 -Ilayer3 -Ilayer4 -Ilayer5 -Imodules/cealign/src 
-Ibuild/generated -Icontrib/uiuc/plugins/include -Icon
trib/uiuc/plugins/molfile_plugin/src -I/c/progs/mingw/include 
-I/c/progs/mingw/include/freetype2 -I/c/progs/Python
27/include -I/c/progs/Python27/PC -c layer0/Feedback.cpp -o 
build/temp.win32-2.7/Release/layer0/feedback.o -Wno-wr
ite-strings -Wno-unused-function -Wno-char-subscripts -std=c++0x

(clean compile).

c++ in mingw is 4.9.3 and in ubuntu it is 4.8.4, both 32 bits.

It would help if I understood why this particular module fails in mingw 
for one std but not the other.  Can somebody please enlighten me?


David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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