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[Mingw-users] msys starts conhost instead of rxvt on Windows 7

I have been running Mingw/Msys on an XP system for years.  When the 
msys.bat script is run rxvt starts.  A clean install was just performed 
on a Windows 7 system.  There starting Msys runs conhost instead.  
Poking around a bit I can see that the msys.bat changed the default from 
rxvt.exe to "unknown", which ends up with MSYSCON set to "sh.exe", which 
is apparently why conhost starts.

I know nothing about the relative merits of rxvt vs. conhost, other than 
that the screen colors set for rxvt are of course ignored by conhost.  
Why is conhost now run by default, and how, if at all, does this change 
affect working within the Msys terminal window?


David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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