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Re: [Mingw-users] debugprocess declaration

Hi Keith,

Keith Marshall wrote:
> ...seeing the #undef there causes me grave suspicion that you're
> trying to redefine _WIN32_WINNT, after having previously included
> something with it already defined differently -- perhaps even as a
> result of some header setting it to a default value, because it wasn't
> already defined when you included whatever header that may have been.
> Correct usage is to define _WINNT_WIN32 once, and once only,*before*
> you include*any*  header.

that was it! thanks. Apparently I was including headers that indirectly 
included windows headers and/or defined this (libraries).
Moving this on top of everything made it work smoothly.

This DebugBreak thing is tricky! I want to enable the GNUstep IDE 
ProjectCenter debugger to debug processes without the aid of an extenal 
program or add special hack functions in the code.
It mostly works now! I can run/stop/restart the program. After a couple 
of time everything hangs, but that mightbe something different, I need 
to check the PIDs used. The general concept seems to work now.


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