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Re: [Mingw-users] How to enable national language support (NLS)and install lanugage packge?

Eli Zaretskii schreef op 2016-05-09 20:59:
>> From: Erwin Waterlander <waterlan@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Date: Mon, 9 May 2016 20:44:20 +0200
>> >> And, how to configure it so that GCC will write out compiling
>> >> messages in Chinese?
>> > You shouldn't need to configure anything.  As long as your system
>> > codepage is Chinese, and assuming you unpack
>> > gcc-4.9.3-1-mingw32-lang.tar.xz in the same directory tree where you
>> > have GCC, GCC should start talking Chinese automatically.
>> It doesn't always work out-of-the-box. Sometimes you need to help by
>> setting these variables:
>> set LANG=zh_CN
>> set LANGUAGE=zh_CN
> Are you talking about GCC specifically, or generally about ported
> packages?  If the latter, I understand and agree, but if the former,
> then it'd mean GCC uses replacement setlocale functions (e.g., from
> gnulib) or some private code to the same effect, because AFAIK the
> native msvcrt.dll locale functions on Windows pay no attention
> whatsoever to environment variables, they look only at the system-wide
> locale settings.
> Does GCC indeed cater to these variables?

This is my experience in general with applications linked to libintl on 
Windows. The behaviour can differ with libintl version or Windows 
version (Win7/8 32/64 bit). Libintl is not always able to pick up the 
locale from the Windows system locale setting . I read somewhere that 
gcc has its private copy of libintl included. I don't know any specific 
information about that. I assumed it would work the same as standard 

I forgot to mention that the system locale needs to be set to CP936.


Erwin Waterlander

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