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Re: [Mingw-users] How to enable national language support (NLS)and install lanugage packge?

Op 7-5-2016 om 16:13 schreef Eli Zaretskii:
>> From: "LI An-Bang" <anbangli@xxxxxx>
>> Date: Sat, 7 May 2016 20:49:24 +0800
>> Since this is the Mingw-users' maillist, now, my questions are: how could I get Mingw's NLS package, i.e.
>> "gcc-4.9.3-1-mingw32-lang.tar.xz"?
> It's on the MinGW site.
>> And, how to configure it so that GCC will write out compiling
>> messages in Chinese?
> You shouldn't need to configure anything.  As long as your system
> codepage is Chinese, and assuming you unpack
> gcc-4.9.3-1-mingw32-lang.tar.xz in the same directory tree where you
> have GCC, GCC should start talking Chinese automatically.

It doesn't always work out-of-the-box. Sometimes you need to help by 
setting these variables:

set LANG=zh_CN


Erwin Waterlander

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