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Re: [Mingw-users] Import libraries without DLL in GCC 5.3.0 distro

On 25/04/16 15:49, ralph engels wrote:
> The libvtv dll's get built on windows but have no exports, you can 
> confirm this using depends or ntldd.

Or with pexports, which reveals identically the same defect for not only
the crossed-native build, but also for the cross-compiler build itself:

  $ pexports ~/mingw32/mingw32/lib/libvtv-0.dll
  LIBRARY libvtv-0.dll

  $ pexports ~/mingw32/mingw32/lib/libvtv_stubs-0.dll
  LIBRARY libvtv_stubs-0.dll

from which, I guess, we must conclude that this feature is broken on
Windows, so...

> If you issue --enable-vtable-verify on windows the build will fail
> with errors pointing to the above.

it would seem to be pointless even to try to enable support for the
feature, or to distribute the resultant (broken) DLLs.

OTOH, libatomic-1.dll does exhibit exports:

  $ pexports ~/mingw32/mingw32/lib/libatomic-1.dll
  LIBRARY libatomic-1.dll

so I will include it, when I update the package set.


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