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Re: [Mingw-users] Import libraries without DLL in GCC 5.3.0 distro

> From: Keith Marshall <keithmarshall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 22:40:02 +0100
> >> I guess I should adjust the packaging specifications to either 
> >> deliver all of them, or to omit them entirely;
> > 
> > Probably, yes.
> I'm thinking that, since I didn't specify '--enable-vtable-verify',
> the sensible choice would be to omit all libvtv components, but
> perhaps to keep libatomic.dll.a, and to include libatomic-1.dll,
> either as a free-standing component package, or maybe, bundled into
> the libgcc component package.
> Any opinions?

A (perhaps safer) alternative would be to have a separate package with
these libraries, DLLs, import libraries etc., in case someone would
need them in some situation we don't currently envision.


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