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Re: [Mingw-users] GCC-4.9.3 is now our current release

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>The gnat build warnings have been consistant over the years indeed,
>it might not have been getting much attention since it's relatively 
>unused on windows.

>Bit sad since its a really nice tool for creating gui programs, a bit 
>ala pascal if i understand it correctly.

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I use it on Windows where I work for creating Windows gui programs. 
The possibly uninitialized variables have never been a problem. Every Ada
problem that I have ever found had another cause. 

I have been observing the activity here about getting 5.3 going with
some considerable interest, as I use Ada almost every day for Windows
development. I have had little time for working on new gcc releases, so
I am very pleased to see this activity.

I found a bug in the gnat 4.9 runtime library (Ada.Directories package).
I strongly suspect that it is a Windows-specific  problem. I want to see if
the bug is still present in the 5.3 runtime, and if so, I will work on fixing it.
I can justify spending work time on that.

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