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[Mingw-users] Challenges building arbitrary executables


I have (regularly) had challenges to use off-the-shelf build tools, this 
time "make".

I am using the MSYS2 build environment, but it appears the problem is 

When trying to compile a simple package such as pkgconfig-lite0.28-1, 
the ./configure runs well. When executing "make" it finally fails with

  "/usr/bin/sh  line 17: /usr/bin/make: No such file or directory"

My msys64 tree is at c:\Programs\

A general question on this is: The make to be executed is presumably to 
have been installed in c:\Programs\msys64/usr/bin/. Is there a specific 
path variable to be set in order to make such executable available from 
within the MSYS shell? (besides the system path variable, which is set 
in my case.)

When I look at the said location, there is indeed no such make.exe 
there. On the other hand, using "mingw-get.exe install msys-make" says 
that the package is already installed. How can this be?

(The make that is executing stems from another mingw installation, whose 
bin directory also is in the path.)


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