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Re: [Mingw-users] GCC-4.9.3 is now our current release

Happy to help :) i hope my findings will be of use.

The fix has also been forwarded to the gcc team.

Regards Ralph Engels

Den 18-03-2016 kl. 16:23 skrev Earnie:
> On 3/16/2016 11:22 PM, ralph engels wrote:
>> Just lending a hand with mingw.org development :) ,
> Happy to hear that and has been noted.
>> atm they are missing out on things like openmp and c++11 support, which
>> needs a posix thread implementation.
>> Keith prefers pthreads-w32 over winpthreads (license issue i think) but
>> current gcc no longer builds with pthreads-w32 so im trying to backport
>> the changes nessesary for it to work again.
> The reason for this is that there is no current GCC maintainer
> interested in continuing to see support for pthreads-w32 in GCC.  You're
> making a difference theere.

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