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[Mingw-users] Re : bizarre problem

>The bottom line is that MSDN says that "%lf" refers to a long double
>because the correct and the incorrect are indistinguishable 
 within MSVCRT.DLL.

msvcrt.dll  was the multithread dynamic runtime lib  of VS6.0 
as written here :

start looking at the correct doc info  here
from Floating-Point Support  / printf /   Format Specification Fields 
/  Table R.6)

"The optional prefixes to type, h, l, and L, specify the “size” of argument (long or short, single-byte character or wide character, depending upon the type specifier that they modify). These type-specifier prefixes are used with type characters in printf functions or wprintf functions to specify interpretation of arguments, as shown in the following table. These prefixes are Microsoft extensions and are not ANSI-compatible."

l apply only to int or char.  If you are waiting other case to work you
(or the lib you use) are wrong 

Last thing, when you refer to recent standart of C++ , they did'nt exist 
when VC6.0  was build (remember the IDE use Mfc4.2 even older) 

JP Baeza

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