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Re: [Mingw-users] bizarre problem, need help from a mingw developer

On 09/03/16 18:48, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>>> You want the -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO switch.
>> > 
>> > I can't really condone such malpractice: the double initial underscore
>> > should be screaming "implementation reserved (private) symbol; hands
>> > off!"
> That ship has sailed: there are a lot of packages out there which turn
> on this option when building with MinGW.

And when I decide to change the internal semantics, which I could do at
any time, I will not feel the slightest remorse about any projects which
break as a result; they are already broken, as a consequence of misuse
of this feature.

> You can't build a real-life program with -ansi or -posix.

There are a number of projects would disagree, (esp. on the -ansi
front).  I happen to agree, which is why I went on to say...

>> or (even better) to specify either '#define _XOPEN_SOURCE 700' or
>> '#define _GNU_SOURCE' in the source code itself.
> Which begin with an underscore and an uppercase letter, and so are
> "for the implementation" as well.

As strictly specified by ISO-C, yes.  However, both are publicly
documented by the relevant standards authorities; indeed, POSIX even
stipulates that the names of feature test macros, (which users are
expected to define, to enable varying levels of implementation specific
features), SHALL (mandatory) begin with an initial underscore; the use
of exclusively upper-case alphanumerics and further underscores seems to
be conventional, (throughout POSIX, and GNU's glibc, at least).


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