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Re: [Mingw-users] GCC-4.9.3 is now our current release

I started uploading pacman packages that currently build with the new 
gcc to my site here.


You need Msys2 to install them and a few changes to the package manager 
scripts which i will also upload.

If you dont want to use Msys2 you will have to manually unpack them with 
7zip or any other archiver that supports xz compression. Warning some 
packages need some postinstall commands to work correctly, so be sure to 
read the install script in the package and run those commands 
accordingly if not using Msys2.

Mingw built python2 package is also included :) python3 does not yet 
build because of missing api functions.

To setup a working mingw environment you need w32api-3.17.2 and 
Install the w32api and mingwrt include and library files to 
/mingw/mingw32 and the dll's to /mingw/bin.
The reason i do it this way is to avoid mixing the api headers and 
libraries with packages you install later.
gcc and binutils if built with my build script or pacman build script 
will know where to look for the api libraries.

If you want to have a go at compiling gcc-5.3.0 yourself you will need 
winpthreads as the old pthreads-w32 no longer works for building gcc.

winpthreads also need some patching to build with mingw (i will upload 
the patches needed).

I hope some of the packages will be of use to devs that still use mingw.org.

Regards Ralph Engels

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