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Re: [Mingw-users] bizarre problem, need help from a mingw developer

On 07/03/16 21:44, mathog wrote:
> Is the "ISO-C redundancy effect" another name for the behavior described 
> above in section of the C99 standard?

Yes.  C99 says "%lf% is the same as "%f": the "l" modifier does nothing,
and is therefore redundant, so why does anyone use it?  It's just plain
pointless.  However, in Microsoft parlance, "%lf" is NOT the same as
"%f"; it is interpreted as being equivalent to "%Lf", which expects a
long double argument, NOT a double.  Since MinGW targets a Microsoft
platform, the current MinGW printf() implementation emulates the
Microsoft behaviour, (and MSVC is not C99, especially when linking with
the platform MSVCRT.DLL); thus, if you specify "%lf" format, you should
pass a long double argument, NOT a double.


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