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Re: [Mingw-users] MSYS on Windows - Setting Directories?

On 04/03/16 06:25, Domonic Tom wrote:
> why can't for example, my libpng not find my zlib installation?

Your understanding is still lacking: libpng *doesn't* "find" your zlib
installation; neither does it need to.  It is whichever one, or more, of
GCC's compilers is/are used to build libpng that needs to find zlib, at
build time, and that means that you either need to have installed zlib
into a $prefix which is known to GCC by default, or you need to tell it
specifically, through -I and/or -L options.

> If these headers and lib files are placed in the default searchable
> location ... why am I having so much trouble getting my libraries
> from seeing each other.

They don't need to "see" each other; see above.  It is GCC which needs
to see them all, either because you have installed them into a path
which GCC already knows about, by default, or because you've told it
where to look.

Where did you install your zlib?  If that was in /usr/local, (as you've
alluded to earlier, then that isn't a known default path for MinGW's GCC.

> That is... despite teh fact that I have used the 'make install'
> command.

Which you've already suggested may have failed; if so, or if you didn't
override the package default with something MinGW's GCC knows is a
default, then even though you have used 'make install', the files will
not be anywhere GCC knows to look for them.


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