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Re: [Mingw-users] MSYS on Windows - Setting Directories?

Keith.. Thanks for your reply.

I'm aware that I don't understand this.

Basically, I'm trying to build all my dependencies for future use with other libraries.

I just made a test directory to see if the --prefix=c:/test_directory would end up containing headers and lib files .  Even if I do use the
--prefix command will this directory be searched the next time I build something and it needs dependencies?   The c:/test_directory ended up containing nothing after the following commands.  I tested this on building libjpeg

$ cd c:/libjpeg
$ ./configure --prefix=c:/test_directory
$ make 
$ make install

I get the error below

$ make install
/bin/install -c cjpeg c:/test_directory/bin/cjpeg
/bin/install: cannot create regular file `c:/test_directory/bin/cjpeg.exe': No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

>From what you have said below I gather that all headers and lib files will be installed in the default directory somewhere in c:/mingw ?
I'm not sure what you mean by -I and -L are only used when you run gcc?   If so, how are they used?  

Overall, all I am trying to do is to build all my dependencies and have the headers and lib files easily found when I need to use them as dependencies when 
I build other libraries which depend on them.   That's it.

You keep referring to user/local?     What is this?.  I have always operated on Windows and have never seen this directory.

From: Keith Marshall <keithmarshall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, 4 March 2016 5:07 AM
To: mingw-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] MSYS on Windows - Setting Directories?

On 03/03/16 16:51, Domonic Tom wrote:
> When I try to just use 'make install' I get an error such as the below:
> user@USER-PC ~
> $ cd C:\jpeg-6b
> user@USER-PC /c/jpeg-6b
> $ make install
> /bin/install -c cjpeg /usr/local/bin/cjpeg
> /bin/install: cannot create regular file `/usr/local/bin/cjpeg.exe': No such file or directory
> make: *** [install] Error 1

I see a number of potential issues here:

1) You didn't --prefix=c:/mingw as a configure option; that may not be a
problem, if you've arranged for, (i.e. mounted), /usr/local so that it
represents something other than its MSYS default, and you've followed
the instructions for mapping that alternative prefix into GCC's default
search paths.

2) Your makefile doesn't use $(EXEEXT) correctly; ideally, the .exe
suffix should appear in the file names specified to /bin/install

3) I don't see any 'mkdir -p /usr/local/bin' command executed by 'make
install'; (the GNU Coding Standards require installation directories to
be created, if necessary, during the 'make install' process).  Does your
/usr/local/bin directory actually exist?  (FWIW, you ARE running the
/bin/install command in an MSYS, i.e. unixy, environment, so your
assumption ...

> I believe this is because I am on a Windows Environment and not a
> Unix environment and I have to set my 'Include' and 'Lib' directories.

... that you would need Windows path syntax is incorrect).

> The question is, how do I use these [-I and -L] options???
> I'm guessing that it's this way but I'm probably wrong.
> $ ./configure
> $ make install -Ic:/zlib/include  -Lc:/zlib/lib
> Is this right?

No, it's quite wrong!  Both of these options are to be specified when
you run GCC, IF your libraries (-L) and/or their headers (-I) do not
already lie in the appropriate GCC search paths.  The correct way is,
(with c:/mingw representing the root of the installation tree; choose an
alternative, if you prefer):

 $ ./configure --prefix=c:/mingw

(or better still, create a separate build subdirectory, make it current
working directory, and run the above command as):

 $ ../configure --prefix=c:/mingw


 $ make
 $ make install

However, you may need to ensure that all necessary installation
directories already exist, before you run 'make install', since your
makefile apparently doesn't fulfil its obligations in that respect.


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