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[Mingw-users] MSYS on Windows - Setting Directories?

I have built a number of libraries such as lipjpeg, zlib, etc on my pc in directories such as C:/zlib and C:/libjpeg etc.  I configured and built these

using MSYS but I believe I have left one important step out.  I know this because any library needing dependencies such as libpng which requires access to zlib cannot seem to find my zlib library.  I have multiple cases of this.

I understand that this is what the 'make install' command is for.  That is.. to place the header and library files in a location where MSYS can find them during the configuration process.

I have read this MinGW page in detail.


When I try to just use 'make install' I get an error such as the below:

user@USER-PC ~
$ cd C:\jpeg-6b

user@USER-PC /c/jpeg-6b
$ make install
/bin/install -c cjpeg /usr/local/bin/cjpeg
/bin/install: cannot create regular file `/usr/local/bin/cjpeg.exe': No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

I believe this is because I am on a Windows Environment and not a Unix environment and I have to set my 'Include' and

'Lib' directories.  Right or wrong, the above 'make install' approach gives me an error every time.

So... I have read on the above link under:

Customising MinGW's Default Library Search Path

that I can manually set the Include and Lib directories by  placing the -I or -L option in front of the directory to permanently place the Include and Lib directories so they will be found there by MSYS every time I build a project and it requires one of my dependencies.   That's how I have interpreted this anyway.  

The question is, how do I use these options???

I'm guessing that it's this way but I'm probably wrong.

$ ./configure

$ make install -Ic:/zlib/include  -Lc:/zlib/lib     

Is this right?  If I'm completely wrong then how to in specify the permanent directories for Include and Lib files so they will

be found by MSYS going forward?

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