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Re: [Mingw-users] GCC-4.9.3 is now our current release

If you are interrested, i just uploaded a full build of gcc-5.3.0-dwarf2 
that does not depend on winpthreads.
Libgomp and libstdc++ was linked statically to winpthreads  and gcc was 
patched to exclude the pthreads library from inclusion, so it only 
depends on windows libraries.
It was built against mingwrt-3.21.1 and w32api-3.17.2.

It did need some patching to get around the fact that the latest gcc 
releases are targeted more at the mingw-w64 runtime, and some bugs that 
where discovered later like the static __EH_FRAME__ bug that caused the 
builds to fail even on mingw-w64.

Btw no gcc release after gcc-5.0.0 seem to be able to build against 
pthreads-w32 not even if fixing the double definition of timespec in 


you are welcome to put it in the contributed section.

Regards Ralph Engels

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