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Re: [Mingw-users] Problems creating linkable file from MSVC .lib

Chris <chricro@...> writes:

> I've been working more on trying to get this going. I tried adding
> non-annotated aliases to the def file myself both ways, 
>  ...
> and in both cases it links but has the same entry point error.
> I also looked at the vcand32.dll file in MS's Dependency Walker and it
> shows all the exported functions without  <at> XX annotations. Does this
> indicate that for the DLL expected calling convention is __cdecl instead
> of __stdcall or is it not conclusive?

It is not conclusive, as previously described mechanisms exist for
choosing whether the names are decorated or not. For example, if you
look at a Windows DLL such as kernel32.dll in Dependency Walker, you
will not see decorated names, but kernel32.dll exports __stdcall
functions. By the way, are you able to call functions that do not
take any arguments without the runtime errors? I believe that that 
would indicate that it is a calling convention mismatch.

Another quick test would be trying to call the functions from
Visual Basic (not .NET; create a macro in Ms Word or Excel). VB
can call stdcall functions in a DLL, but cdecl functions will cause
a run time error:
Run-time Error '49':
Bad DLL Calling Convention 

John Brown.

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