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Re: [Mingw-users] Problems creating linkable file from MSVC .lib

Chris <chricro@...> writes:

> John,
> Thanks for the prompt and detailed response.
> I was able to set all of the calling conventions to __stdcall. Then
> I was able to link the .dll.a that I build with dlltool using the
> MSVC def file (with  <at> XX in it)
> ...
> Why am I supposed --add-stdcall-alias in dlltool's options when the def
already contains  <at> XX for every symbol?

Because the alias is the name *without* @n. When you --add-stdcall-alias,
you export the additional name ncdActivateChannel so the the library
exports two names for the same function, unless you add the --kill-at
option, which suppresses the @n names.

 Whether I include it or not, the result is the same:
> 00000000 I __imp__ncdActivateChannel <at> 800000000 T _ncdActivateChannel
<at> 8
> While editing the header I noticed that every function also has
__declspec(dllimport) before __stdcall as well, if that changes things.

This is fine. That is what your function prototypes should look like
if you intend to link to an import library, although I think the
linker is smart enough to find the function whether the __declspec\
is there or not.
John Brown.

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