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[Mingw-users] GCC-4.9.3 is now our current release


Many (perhaps even most) of you may already be aware that I published
GCC-4.9.3 as our current GCC release, last Saturday.  You may install,
or upgrade, using mingw-get, (either from the GUI, or from the command
line), after first updating its catalogue, or, if you prefer to manage
your installation manually, the requisite files may be found here:

Please be advised that this is a verbatim copy of the crossed-native
build which I originally published as "experimental", in August 2015.
It is NOT OpenMP enabled, (because I have not been able to create a
_reliable_ build of POSIX threads support, to accompany it), and, for
those of you who use Ada, there is no DLL build of the supporting
runtime library, (because none was built by the GCC build machinery,
when running my GNU/Linux hosted mingw32-gcc-4.9.3 cross-compiler).

Please also be advised that, since I no longer use Windows myself, I
have very limited experience using this build in its native state; (I
have been using the corresponding cross-compiler for some time, with no
problems, and I know some of you have been using the experimental build
without reporting any issue).  I have taken the decision to publish this
now, on the basis that no problem reports from users of the experimental
build has to be better than annoying reminders about:


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