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[Mingw-users] [ANNOUNCEMENT] New: mingw32-ncurses 6.0


A new package is available: mingw32-ncurses 6.0.

You can install it with mingw-get.
In the gui it is listed in the Mingw Contributed section.

Both narrow and wide (Unicode) text is supported.

ncurses 6.0 improved a lot for Windows since 5.9, but there are still
issues (which are not in PDCurses).
* To make it work in Console (also known as Console2) you have to set
   the NCURSES_CONSOLE2 environment variable.
* It doesn't work at all in ConsoleZ.
* You may see tremble in the screen while it is redrawing.

Advantage over PDCurses:
* support for Unicode combining characters.


Erwin Waterlander

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