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[Mingw-users] Autotools without MSYS


First, I have to add the disclaimer that I am relatively new to the autotools, and even more so to MinGW.  I have searched around for a few hours to get some information on using the MinGW autotools (i.e. not the MSYS package).  I began on this venture when I read the description for the MSYS autotools which read something along the lines of "This is not the autoconf you're looking for".  After reading this I was pretty sure I did not want the MSYS package.

I am trying to build libyaml as it is a dependency for a project of my own that I am trying to port to windows.  (I'm also using a patch for libyaml from their bitbucket site which allows for building libyaml as a DLL instead of just in static form).

I am using the Git bash shell on Windows (maybe I shouldn't be doing this?).  When I try to run autoreconf on libyaml, I get all kinds of errors about things not living under "/mingw" (the path to mingw is "/c/mingw" in the git bash shell).  After hours of messing with environment variables and no help from the internet, I finally mustered up the courage to ask you, the expert community.  My guess is that I am trying to something that is totally unintended.

Thanks in Advance
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